With a heavy focus on simplicity and strategy, we help client partners get to the “why” of their core business and messaging goals to create compelling programs that translate into sales and lasting brand equity.

  • Music: Music is the heart of what we do. It has a raw power to unify, build connection and define your brand like nothing else can. Weaving music into the fabric of your brand changes the way the world sees you and the result is nothing short of transcendent.
  • Content: If there is one tool that can define your brand online, it’s video. Sophisticated consumers crave intimacy, and gravitate towards stories they connect to. The audience expects a consistent aesthetic and an engaging narrative. If it’s not there, you’ve lost them. In other words, videos need strategic direction. We handle everything from creative concept development, production and editing, to post-production and distribution.
  • Partnership: We identify core brand ideology to position and align partners who share values through our vast network. Matching the right partners means understanding what each side needs and wants while uniquely weaving the story that unites partners seamlessly.



Our curated events spark transformative, ‘can’t believe I’m here’ vibes that linger long after the last swag bag. Guided by company and program values and objectives, we create thoughtful, targeted campaigns that breathe life and soul into your brand. From festivals & parties to intimate gatherings, we handle concept, strategy, implementation and launch working closely with the right influencers and partners to develop the plan that builds hype, and gets the RSVPs rolling in and has guests fondly talking about the experience a year later.



Music moves us. And nothing triggers brand recognition faster than an emotional response to the right song. Our decades of experience in the music industry means that curating a brand’s soundtrack is literally our jam. Our network of contacts, from major publishers to indie artists, coupled with a deep understanding of navigation means we have the framework in place, from strategy and sourcing, to negotiating music licensing and rights, we’ll find and create the anthem and get it working for you.

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