#NP: Our friends at A Club Called Rhonda teamed up with Red Bull TV for their ‘Inspire The Night‘ video series, where they discuss their inception of fostering a cultural place to express themselves freely. “Now, not only is it one of Los Angeles’ hottest traveling parties, but it’s also a home for people who feel like outcasts elsewhere.” Watch the full feature above or via Red Bull TV!

“At A Club Called Rhonda, inclusive is the new exclusive. It’s a party whose attendees are free to be, and to become, whoever they want to be. Founders Gregory Alexander and Loren Granich carefully curate all elements of the evening from music to décor, producing a bacchanal that conjures up the golden age of disco and club culture. However, the party’s impact is deeper than just another night out. By providing a safe space for self-expression, Rhonda offers the LGBTQ community a place to be and to be seen, and the result is a raucous party that has become one of LA’s premiere club nights.” (Via Red Bull TV)