As commercialized as the world is in gaming there is one simple and relieving fact. And that is we, as the gamers of the world, control its direction. That being said, we also love to be persuaded into playing the newest games. Three games that have caught my attention this week all share a similar art style, and are all shaping up to be outstanding games… but that is where the connections end. These companies have all been able to do their own beautiful thing the style similarities are clear but the concepts are worlds apart, in the best way imaginable.


Whenever I see a game that adds that little something new to role playing it makes me shiver with anticipation. I saw it with the Fable franchise and World of Warcraft along with Guild Wars, all massively popular games, but now I see it again in Dauntless. Set to be released in 2017 Phoenix Labs will be starting a public beta in fall. But you can get a piece of the action now If you visit their website here!


Tequila Works has managed to create a game that through simply watching the trailer or even seeing the pictures we are completely immersed in the life of one young boy trapped on an island. This game contains the nostalgic adventures of the games that I played as a kid (Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy) while still creating its own style both through the story and art. That’s why it is no shock to me that it is planned to be released on the Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in May of 2017.


Team-based games are extremely difficult to make. In a world of trolls and griefers it is always hard to keep the public interested enough to stay committed to their team and the game. Gigantic by Motiga does this fantastically. Just as massively popular games like League of Legends and Dota 2 or perhaps more relevant, Overwatch, were able to do this, so was Gigantic, in the most artistically beautiful way possible. The open Beta is available on Xbox One and P.C. as we speak; so, If you haven’t already click here to sign up!

– Connor Macklam