Razer, a worldwide leader in ultra-high-performance computers, hardware and software for hardcore gamers, sees where the worlds of gaming and electronic dance music mesh and they want to partner with one artist whose sensibilities resonate with the Razer brand.

They came to Hello Stranger to find the ideal artist.

The end result is going to be authentic cultural ties from EDM to gaming and from gaming to EDM, as well as the elevation of next-gen technology from the gaming world into music composition and performance.

This partnership isn’t going to resemble a typical artist/company deal in the gaming space—or in any space for that matter. For the first time ever, Razer wants to give an artist the chance to co-brand himself on their industry-leading products, which would make this the only collaboration of its kind in existence.

The best part of this partnership is Razer’s openness to collaborate. Razer wants to create next-level ideas around this campaign with its artist partner based on mutual interests in EDM and gaming.